The Brain Tumour Research Centre, which was established at the University of Portsmouth following the relocation of Professor Geoff Pilkington from King’s College London in 2003, dedicates its research to focusing on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain tumour development, and progression of response to therapy.

The goals and remit of the Centre are:

  • To research a wide range of brain tumours encompassing those affecting both adults and children;
  • To obtain new knowledge, based upon laboratory research which underpins the development of novel therapeutic approaches and hence improved outcomes for patients with all forms of brain tumour;
  • To establish a critical mass of dedicated, enthusiastic and well trained brain tumour researchers;
  • To foster career development for young scientists within the discipline of Neuro-oncology.

Research programmes

With over five research programmes, it is our goal to work with national and international collaborators to develop novel and multi-targeted therapies for patients diagnosed with brain cancers. While many brain tumour laboratories concentrate on a single tumour type or specific area of research it has been our goal to run research programmes of a diverse nature. In this context we have formed five research sub-groups: Paediatric Brain Tumours, Mitochondria, Therapeutics, Tumour Micro-environment and Blood Brain Barrier (to include both studies of drug delivery and cerebral metastasis).


Our essential research is core-funded, primarily, by a consortium of adult and paediatric brain tumour charities and allied fund raising groups, Brain Tumour Research. Brain Tumour Research collaborating charities include: Levi’s StarAli’s DreamThe Danny Green Fund, Charlie’s Challenge and fundraising group Taylan’s Project. Additional funding is provided by the Animal Free Research UK (previously Dr Hadwen Trust), The Ollie Young FoundationHeadcase, The Jake McCarthy Foundation, Cancer Research Wales and Children with Cancer UK. Our research would not be possible if it were not for the efforts of dedicated brain tumour charities.