Dr Peter Nunn

Honorary Visiting Researcher

Dr Peter Nunn is a retired Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry from King’s College, London, who has a wealth of experience in toxicology and pharmacology, as well as biochemistry as applied to diseases of the central nervous system. Dr Nunn gained a first class honours degree in Chemistry and Mammalian Physiology and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of London.  He held a Sub-Dean position at the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, King’s College London from 1985 – 1989. Dr Nunn’s major research interests are ‘Mechanisms of causation of chronic neurological diseases affecting motor systems’ and ‘Potential cytotoxicity of the food additive Aspartame’. He not only supervises some of our undergraduates and Master’s degree students but is also a much respected “source of wisdom” for the PhD students and younger postdoctoral researchers in the group. Dr Nunn continues to investigate the possible role of breakdown products from dietary sweeteners in causation or promotion of brain tumours. He has over 52 published works.

Dr Nunn held membership of the Medical Research Advisory Panel, Motor Neurone Disease Association UK from 1988-1994.

Dr Nunn is a member of the Biochemical Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.