Dr Sam Murray

Senior Research Fellow & Clinical Liaison and Ethics Co-ordinator

Dr Sam Murray joined us in November 2013. Sam carried out an MSc in Neuroscience with Geoff Pilkington back in the 1990s and then, having travelled within Australia, which included working in various laboratories, returned to the UK in a research assistant post with Geoff, completing her PhD in 2010. Following this she spent the best part of three years working in clinical trials at Southampton General Hospital and has now returned to take over as the Clinical Liaison and Ethics Co-ordinator where her managerial, clinical and research expertise has already begun to have a major positive influence on our ethics permissions, clinical trial protocol designs and interaction with clinical teams throughout the region. She continues her laboratory research on the influence of human serum supplementation of cultured human brain tumours, on morphology, growth, antigenic expression and gene expression.