Dr Zaynah Maherally


Research Fellow

Dr Zaynah Maherally graduated with a 2.1 honours degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University Putra Malaysia and an MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences from the Curtin University of Technology in Australia. Dr Maherally’s PhD at the University of Portsmouth focused on the interaction of poliovirus receptor (CD155) and hyaluronic acid receptor (CD44) in the spread of intrinsic brain tumours. Since Dr Maherally started her position as a Senior Research Associate in Neuro-oncology in Portsmouth, her research has focused on the development of reproducible in vitro ‘all human’ three dimensional (3D) models of the blood brain barrier (BBB) comprised of human endothelial cells, astrocytes and pericytes together with basal laminae, in order to investigate genetic control of tumour metastasis into the brain. Her current project is now to employ the validated 3D ‘all human’ BBB models to assess a range of ‘in house’ nanoparticles – produced in collaboration with our drug delivery chemists – as efficient carriers to facilitate anti-cancer drug transport across the BBB.



University of Portsmouth: