Microscope Imaging Suite

Housing a Bruker Multimode and Nanoscope Atomic Force Microscope, a Leica Ariole brightfield, fluorescence and FISH slide microscope system with image analysis software, a Zeiss Total Internal Fluorescence Microscopy (Evanescence laser wave technology)/SIRF microscope, a Zeiss Inverted live-cell imaging microscope with environmental chamber for hypoxic and normoxic culture and Cellix microfluidics system, an AxioImager Z1 Fluorescence Inverted microscope with micro-injection, x2 Zeiss Laser confocal microscopes (LSM 510, LSM 710), an Arcturis/Veritas Nikon laser capture microdissection scope, an EVOS live cell systemand a high performance computer for mitochondrial DNA/3D modelling. Dr James Smith (a HEFCE funded SRF) manages the facility.