Drug delivery and repurposed drugs

With the rapid advances in genomic and proteomic information fuelled by the advances in technology and bioinformatics we are in a good position to test novel agents that are safe, inexpensive and effective. Our Therapeutics group aims to target the different aspects of brain tumour behaviour using a multi-modality approach, combining current therapies with novel and established agents, using nanoparticle delivery systems as well as standard medicinal agents. Our experimental therapeutics research group investigates completely new drugs such as novel DNA alkylating agents, putative antibody-mediated therapeutics and combined anti-angiogenesis/anti-invasion approaches obtained from pharmaceutical/biotech companies, in addition to several other repurposed and reformulated agents which have been previously used to treat other medical conditions; these include reformulated liquid aspirin, synthetic cannabinoids, Boswellia, Phenformin, Metformin (a type 2 diabetes drug) and tricyclic antidepressants.