Paediatric Neuro-oncology

In our paediatric brain tumour research group we focus on medulloblastoma and paediatric high grade glioma (DIPG and pGBM). We are currently gaining an understanding of the metabolic mechanisms that contribute to the growth of these cancers as well as testing gene therapy approaches targeting genes responsible for protecting tumour cells from chemotherapies. There is a great need to develop novel therapies that are less toxic and more specific to children with brain cancer. We are also investigating the mechanisms whereby some medulloblastomas spread – either directly along the neuro-axis via the leptomeninges, or via blood vascular channels – to the spine, thereby significantly worsening the prognosis. With recent medical advances in understanding the molecular pathology involved in driving childhood brain cancers, there is a renewed hope for improved stratification schemes that will help identify new therapeutic targets as well as reduce the debilitating toxicity in current treatment.